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Brain & Head Trauma

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries (TBI) occur every year in the United States. Of the one million patients who seek treatment for TBI in emergency rooms, 50,000 die every year and 80,000 develop disabilities. These statistics are particularly devastating considering how many of these deaths and lifelong health conditions could have been avoided.

Revo Smith Law has assisted injury victims and their families for 37 years. Our lawyers understand the difficulties you face after a head injury and we do all we can to minimize the stress of the legal process and maximize your compensation for damages.

Primary causes of head injury deaths in New Mexico

The New Mexico Epidemiology and Response Division Office of Injury Prevention and the New Mexico Brain Injury Advisory Council conducted a comprehensive study of brain damage deaths and hospitalizations. In their 2010 report, the organizations list the top causes of brain injury fatalities in New Mexico as:

  • Suicide
  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Falls
  • Homicide

Other accidents that can lead to head injury include medical mistakes, birth injuries, violent assault and construction site accidents.

Automobile accident is a leading cause of TBI

Automobile accidents are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury and rate second in numbers of TBI deaths in the state. For this reason, New Mexico has implemented several policies over the last few years to prevent serious motor vehicle crashes — including increased enforcement of seatbelt and DWI laws. However, New Mexico statutes only require motorcyclists who are younger than 18 to wear helmets, making motorcycle accidents a common cause of TBI for unhelmeted riders.

Our team negotiates with insurance companies for the compensation you are entitled to after a car, truck or pedestrian accident, or we recommend taking the case to trial if the insurance company does not offer reasonable and fair compensation. In all cases, we consider the lifetime costs of living with a head injury.

The costs of living with a head injury

A head injury can cause a multitude of health issues. You may experience cognitive impairment, memory loss, headaches, recreational, social and emotional difficulties and dysfunctions that reduce the quality of your life. We pursue a damages award that helps you get the medical care you need and improves your chances for recovering functionality.