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Crime Victims

Our Legal Team Advocates for Victims of Crime

After experiencing terrifying violence, you may feel victimized once again as you incur medical expenses associated with the attack. Lost wages and mounting bills can create devastating financial losses at a time when you are coping with physical and mental injuries. Role of the criminal courts versus civil courts

Revo Smith's team of attorneys evaluates whether you have other options for recovering damages. We may advise you to file a civil lawsuit against your attacker if she or he has sufficient funds or may earn enough money in the future to pay a judgment. To prevail in civil court, we must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant hurt you — a much lesser standard than the burden of proof imposed on criminal prosecutors.

Premises liability for security breaches

Businesses and residential landlords have a duty to maintain their premises in safe condition. Commercial property owners such as hotels, apartment complexes and shopping malls have the heightened responsibility of preventing attacks from occurring — by retaining security guards and installing cameras, for example — whereas residential owners must take basic steps to minimize risks of violence.

If you were injured by an assailant, our team determines whether these unsafe property conditions contributed to the criminal attack:

  • Overgrown bushes
  • Deserted buildings or rooms
  • Dim lighting in hallways and entryways
  • Dark parking lots and garages
  • Broken locks on windows and doors
  • Malfunctioning cameras
  • Incompetent security guards
  • Ineffective security measures
  • Permitting criminal activity on the premises
  • Hiring employees with a criminal history

New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission

New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission (CVRC) was founded in 1981 to help pay the expenses incurred by victims of crime. The program covers victims who suffered physical injuries or mental trauma because of assault, battery, sex assault, sex crimes, domestic violence, homicide, child abuse, stalking, kidnapping, arson and other crimes. Families of victims may also qualify for assistance to pay for their loved ones' medical bills and funeral costs. Our lawyers help you access the CVRC program and other benefits you may be entitled to receive.