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Elder Abuse

By the year 2050, more than 20 percent of the United States population will be over 65 years old with the greatest increase in population occurring among those 85 and older.  Unfortunately, it is the oldest among us who are at greatest risk of suffering abuse.  Abuse can come from a wide range of perpetrators:  staff at assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other facilities and even sometimes family members.

Types of Elder Abuse

Abuse of the elderly can come in one of several different forms, including:

  • Physical abuse - The infliction of physical pain or discomfort.
  • Sexual abuse - Any type of sexual activity with an elderly patient who does not or cannot consent or understand what is happening.  
  • Emotional abuse - Threats, verbal assault, or intimidation.
  • Financial abuse - Misuse of a patient or resident's finances.
  • Deprivation - Withholding of medication, medical care, food, water, clothing, or other items necessary for enjoyment of life.

According to the National Counsel on Aging, one in ten Americans over the age of 60 have experienced some form of abuse and some estimates put the total number of abused at over 5 million annually.  Social isolation can increase the chances of abuse, therefore putting those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities at high risk.  Nearly half of those people diagnosed with dementia experience abuse or neglect.

If a family member or someone you love has suffered abuse, the attorneys at Revo Law can help.  Contact us if you would like a free consultation to discuss how we can help you and your family.  You will have the opportunity to speak with an experienced and compassionate legal team who will fight for your rights.