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Improper or Delayed Treatment

Recovering compensation from the healthcare providers who harmed you

Doctors have a duty to make correct diagnoses and recommend appropriate treatments. A misdiagnosis can result in delayed or improper medical care that can have lasting, serious consequences. Established 37 years ago, Revo Smith Law advocates for justice after a medical mistake has injured you or your loved one.

Consequences of receiving treatment you do not need

A wrong diagnosis can lead to unnecessary and/or harmful treatment. For example, a doctor can fail to diagnose a bleeder or a nicked bowel that can occur during breast cancer or colon cancer surgery. These undiagnosed medical problems can cause medical problems and require treatment that can have a negative impact on the patient.

Irreversible damage caused by delayed treatment of chronic disease

Receiving an accurate diagnosis allows you to get the treatment you need for your medical condition — such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease or hypertension. You have more options for treating your medical condition in its initial stages while the problem is contained and localized. As your disease progresses and spreads, it may become untreatable and deadly.

Delays in emergency room care

Hospital personnel are supposed to recognize a serious illness and provide prompt, appropriate treatment in an emergency situation. Even brief delays in treatment can result in permanent disabilities or death, especially if you or your loved one went to the emergency room exhibiting symptoms of such acute medical conditions as cardiac arrest, stroke, aggressive infection or hemorrhage.

Prescribing or administering the wrong prescription drugs

One small pill can have a powerful impact on your body. Their potency becomes problematic if you are given the wrong medicine. Similar-looking drugs are easy to mix up, and each may cause widely varying effects. Also, drug interactions can create serious adverse reactions or increase the efficacy of certain pharmaceuticals, with extremely dangerous results.

To prevent the wrong medication from being dispensed, doctors and hospitals have a duty to implement safeguards. Despite the risks, many health care providers fail to take basic steps to protect patients, making this totally preventable mistake a common occurrence.