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The Lawyer You Choose Matters

Does it really matter which injury lawyer you choose? People often ask me, “Terry, does it make a difference which lawyer I choose?” My answer is that it absolutely does make a difference because not all lawyers are the same. An experienced, competent and courageous Injury lawyer will get you a better result and leave you feeling at the end of your case that you have been well taken care of.

Here are some reasons why it's crucial to choose the right lawyer:

  1. The insurance companies know who the good lawyers are and if you have one of the good lawyers it will make a difference in the outcome of your case.
  2. The lawyer with a good reputation for competency will get the client a more favorable result.
  3. A good lawyer will educate a client so that the client is up to speed and knowledgeable at the time of settlement negotiations.
  4. A compassionate lawyer understands his clients' individual needs and personal circumstances and will therefore get the result best suited to the each client.
  5. A courageous lawyer won't back down from nasty or rude insurance company adjusters and won't accept low offers.
  6. A competent lawyer and his staff will prepare the case the right way the first time and make sure that the demand for settlement is organized, complete and uses the right language.
  7. Many of the really good lawyers focus on quality representation of their clients so you won't see them on TV or on Highway billboards.