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Medical Referrals

Helping you recover from your injuries

Revo Smith Law was founded in 1979 and concentrates our practice solely on personal injury recovery. Our first priority is for you to get the medical care you need to treat your injuries. Our law firm can refer you to qualified doctors in the appropriate specialty and geographic area to help you.

A team of professionals to protect your health and your legal rights

During our 37 years of practice, we have developed professional relationships with many excellent practitioners in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Los Lunas, Belen, Bernallilo, Santa Fe and communities throughout New Mexico. We have represented thousands of injured clients and learned which medical providers reach the best results for their patients. At your request, we provide you with the names of these qualified practitioners who have treated our clients in the past.

Why it is essential to get prompt, experienced medical care

Often, people do not know the full extent of their injuries. Sometimes symptoms do not manifest for days or months after an accident or medical mistake occurred. You may believe you suffered only minor injuries, later to discover your delay in seeking treatment allowed your injuries to develop into chronic pain and long-term disability. To obtain proper treatment, you need a full, professional and honest evaluation as soon as possible.

Medical evidence in your legal claim

Proving damages is an essential element in your personal injury claim. Prompt, honest & competent medical care creates a valuable record that we use as evidence in your lawsuit. Our lawyers present diagnostic test results, doctors' notes and practitioners' testimony as proof of the nature, extent and cause of your injuries.