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Medication & Pharmacy Errors

Recover for dangerous or improperly-prescribed pharmaceuticals

The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (IOM) reports that 1.5 million Americans are injured at a cost of approximately $3.5 billion every year because of drug mistakes. These alarming statistics do not even account for the financial losses associated with lost wages and productivity arising from these prescription drug errors. Most medication mistakes are preventable, but healthcare providers and facilities refuse to take the necessary precautions.

With 37 years of experience, Revo Smith Law advocates for your rights if your doctor, pharmacist or nurse made a pharmaceutical mistake. We may pursue claims against the hospital, nursing home, clinic or pharmacy where the mistake occurred, as well as against the negligent medical professionals who made the errors.

Common causes of prescription drug errors

Problems can occur at any stage of prescribing, filling and administering drugs to you. Common physician errors include:

  • Prescribing the wrong medication or dosage
  • Combining drugs that interact dangerously
  • Failing to follow up with you to determine efficacy or screen for side effects
  • Neglecting to warn you about potential adverse reactions
  • Giving you insufficient instructions about taking your medications
  • Writing an illegible prescription that is difficult for a pharmacist to read
  • In addition, a pharmacist may give you an incorrect medication. In the hospital setting, a nurse may inject you with the wrong drug or mix up intravenous lines.

Marketing dangerous drugs

To approve drugs for sale to the public, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) relies on the data presented by pharmaceutical manufacturers. After spending millions of dollars on research and development, these corporations may consider the profitability of their own businesses over patients' health. Often, the risks involved in taking certain medications do not come to light until the drug is already on the market, and then only after multiple people have been hurt or killed.

Our can determine whether the drug manufacturer mislabeled the medications that caused your or your loved one's injuries. We also investigate whether a manufacturer or compounding center sold you defective, fraudulent or contaminated medications.