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Scott Sexton

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Scott is a skilled paralegal with strong analytical and communication skills. He has practiced as a civil litigation paralegal for twenty years, gaining experience that has become valuable to himself and his clients. His experience gives him a strong work ethic and understanding of situations which allows him to assist individuals in stressful times in a difficult or unwanted process with compassion and competence. Scott supports his clients to develop their own true understanding of the many aspects involved with a traumatic event. He strives to develop solid relationships with his clients and outside resources during the process to obtain satisfactory results. This allows his clients to grow, reconcile an unwelcome situation, and move into future as a better person.

Scott was born, raised, and educated in New Mexico. He is active in sports and his environment. He views his family and friends as the gifts of his life. Scott believes that life happens and the best way to deal with a tough unwanted situation is to understand the gravity of the situation, get the best help possible so you can move towards a positive resolution. Understanding the situation is the best thing you can do through experience, education, and personal growth.